Applying for funding

The trustees meet several times a year and accept applications at any time. There is no application form. Please send the information outline below.



The trust prefers to receive applications that demonstrate that applicants have already approached family, friends, churches, individuals among whom they have been involved in ministry, other trusts and taken into account personal savings, etc - where appropriate.


Your application should include:

  • What you are applying for funding for
  • Christian background
  • Age, education, Christian ministry and other work (eg, non-church paid employment)
  • Hopes, ambitions and plans
  • An annual budget - accounting for any spouse, children or other dependents - showing:

- how much money you need

- what funds you already have and from where

- how much you are applying to the trust for and/or your shortfall

- how you intend to raise the remaining funds


Please provide as much information about your project as possible. The trustees are particularly interested in:

  • The rationale for your plans
  • Information about the key individuals involved
  • How you hope the work will develop and at what stage (if any) you hope it to become self-financing

Please also send budgets for the next three years (where possible) and money raised so far - along with a copy of the latest church accounts.



Please arrange for references (ie, statements from referees) to be sent direct to the trust. Please direct referees here for the information required.